Sunday, November 23, 2008


the moment i thought i was winning,
i came to know i had lost.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

And i want to tell u to believe
coz thats the only way i know....

Thursday, December 27, 2007


i was thinking,y is it that while somewhere there blooms joy and somewhere remains barren sadness...

Sunday, December 16, 2007

why's and how's

life...we talk about it,think about it,fight for it,sometimes lose it..sometimes to others ,sometimes to uncertainty,sometime to those far skies above...we cry for it,try to do it RIGHT, and we try to live it..
but how does one know that one is in the right in life.that now is the right time to sit back...or its time to retreat...or be hasty..or grab...let it scared....happy.....
how do we know when we are doing and what we are doing is in the right...
how do we make sure that we dont do we ensure our endeavours dont fail..our tasks achieve fulfilled success...our decisions gain unconquested victory...and our actions dont fall flat,and only to make us hear...the dreadful "i told u so" do we protect ourselves from being and doing wrong....????
moreover wher will we find our the remains of the paths undertaken by those before our hearts n the will of others...
who will give us our answers???

Friday, November 30, 2007


a friend told me that uncertainty is a blessing from the gods...a silent message willing u to go as far as your desire takes.many tell me i m a dreamer,that my approach to books is very storybook-ish...well,for someone with a storybookish thinking,my friends thought stuck with me and sounded pretty optimistic.

its certainly a way to think ....and requires lot of faith n self confidence to decide that uncertainty is a blessing(even if in disguise)atleast i think so...its not for the weak for sure.....takes courage...

come to think of it,life is what we make of it...the good,bad n ugly...and we decide which course to take n remember the consequences n be equipped for the rollercoaster ride....and i can tell u ,u pal r on the right track...and that is ur fairytale...its about u,ur desires,decisions and your faith in u that u will face it and shine.....and not about smooth,bumpfree ride....god dint plan it that way for us and its for the best

so friend i think u r right....uncertainty is indeed a gift.....coz its not hopelesness...infact its about a road ahead n u get to choose which direction u want to take...even if its in reverse gear....
so all the best to all for their beautiful journey ahead....

Saturday, November 24, 2007

i love

hot tea
s m
long drives
knowing i m doing the right thing
cozy winter mornings
a good read

Friday, November 23, 2007

i want to remember

Recently a friend asked me ,what was it that i wanted to remember,never wanted to forget in instead of sitting down to think,i decided to straighaway pen away as thoughts flow.
i want to remember that being happy is the most important thing in life....and happiness is derived always frm whats right for us...we are happy if our decisions or ideas or thoughts are not false..
secondly,nothing is worth hurting someone...any1 friend,family,acquaintance...or just any1....
prayer has great power....just try ,u'll know what i m talking about....
being in love is a beautiful will do what the whole cosmetic industry cannot....the glowing skin...natural blush...great hair...the works ;)
love needs hard work...relationships need effort...and they r every bit worth go....n just do it!!!!
always dream on.......its crucial for life n living....dreams will always materialise n even if they dont they r substance 4 great memories
and learn to cook.....its pure joy....being able to feed loved one ,delicious appetising hand cooked go learn...
i also want to remember that " this too shall pass" so watever it will go....u'll survive...dont worry
also dont 4get...friends are few...dont lose them.......they make life worth living.......or atleast they support ur endeavours.
remember u dont wanna get hurt,so NEVER hurt someone else and no excuses...
being polite never hurts,so stop being mean!!!its not attitude but an attitude problem.
what worked for others might not work 4 u.....listen to ur instincts....they r ur best friends...
on ur shoulders rests ur guardian angel,remind him everyday to take care of u coz u r precious... :)
and lastly...all this is what i would want everyone else to remember as well...