Sunday, December 16, 2007

why's and how's

life...we talk about it,think about it,fight for it,sometimes lose it..sometimes to others ,sometimes to uncertainty,sometime to those far skies above...we cry for it,try to do it RIGHT, and we try to live it..
but how does one know that one is in the right in life.that now is the right time to sit back...or its time to retreat...or be hasty..or grab...let it scared....happy.....
how do we know when we are doing and what we are doing is in the right...
how do we make sure that we dont do we ensure our endeavours dont fail..our tasks achieve fulfilled success...our decisions gain unconquested victory...and our actions dont fall flat,and only to make us hear...the dreadful "i told u so" do we protect ourselves from being and doing wrong....????
moreover wher will we find our the remains of the paths undertaken by those before our hearts n the will of others...
who will give us our answers???


Blue Kite Dreamz said...

I ask you...

Is it necessary to do everything in the right way..

is it necessary to continiuosly check and monitor whether you are following the right or wrong path..

Is falling and failing that bad..

Why cant we see ourselves our endevours..

Why do you always have to target the success - the bulls eyes

Why cant we err in making judgements?

Why do we have to be so harsh on ourselves..we arent machines ..which wd have to follow certain charted out pathways to acheive certain preknown results.We arent processes which need a six sigma blackbelt training or guidlines to improve us..

We rae evolving individuals..we fail..we win..we cry ..we laugh...we are allowed to do that :)
..brain is just an analytical machine..and boring...:)

So use yr heart and conscience,and enjoy the journey of life...:)and you wd derive the best answers to yr own questions from them.

do i make nay sense...ha ha..well i do nt have to...!!!

mauve said...

u make sense...n ur right abt us being harsh on ourselves..but tell me what does one think wen smthing,smone which has taken our life's judgement,thinking,belief n faith..crashes..its proved fake..false..
wat does one feel??and "move on" is soo harsh a concept!!!